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the fucking genius herself!

so who else has seen Sand Cats? I saw them last month at the Talking
Head Club in Baltimore--they're playing there again on Friday the 22nd.
Here are some photos from the show.

Frankly, I thought it was pretty bad. As did most of the crowd which
thinned out after the 2nd "song"

I mean, I love Rjyan and really liked the stuff he did as Cex--some
things more than others, of course, but generally liked everything--but
this... maybe this wasn't typical of Sand Cats shows.

Rjyan set the premise of the show up like he was some crazy character
challenging someone to a fight to the death, using instruments. And he
picked out Roby, his wife, from the audience, who was dressed as an old
lady. Then he played drums, she played an electric cello-bass type
instrument made of various things, maybe it was a guitar stood upright
and played with a bow... and it sounded like they weren't actually
playing them, just making noise along with background tracks of very
harsh industrial sounds. he was so impressed by her "fighting" that she
later tore off her old lady costume and declared herself some kind of
animal-warrior type person... and then they kept playing, maybe 5
songs? they were long-ish, and didn't seem to go anywhere, just noise
to me.

I didn't get it. I usually love Cex shows because they're crazy and
fun, but this was crazy and embarassing. Maybe it could have been
carried off better if they could actually act the parts, but it was
just... i felt suckered into paying to see them fuck around. 

Maybe someone else who knows the Sand Cats deal and has seen them play before can explain what was up? Am I just not getting it?

I think maybe they were low on funds and decided to just play a show
for money?
Rjyan's always had a bit of a huckster in him, so that
wouldn't surprise me. It disappoints me, though.

photos, admittedly not great, but I dont think I used the flash

rjyan drummin it

Roby in old-lady costume coming onstage

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