Tacopunch Uses Post-Modern Planar Projection (tacopunch) wrote in cex_community,
Tacopunch Uses Post-Modern Planar Projection

Miami Mansions

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i just ordered one, how did you find out your #?
#'s on the cassette.
ahhh I guess I have to wait a little bit huh?
The transaction went through.....so I am guessing I got one? For $6 total I am not worried about the cash, more so of not reading his blog for a few weeks and missing out on a numbered edition, the "futuristic kind of intimacy."
I check his site almost every day, so I ordered it as soon as I saw it... I didn't hear anything back after the transaction went through (like 'hey i sent it' or something), and I got the tape about a week later.
It's kind of similar to his thing on shotgun wedding vol.3
Mine's 94.
I check rjyan.com pretty much every day so I ordered one as soon as I saw they were available. Hopefully it'll arrive soonish *fingers crossed* unless intercontinental post fails me again.

Those who have a copy, what's it like?
It's like his thing on Shotgun Wedding Vol.3, or like some of his DJ No Evil stuff.
Wooohoo! 92!

This stuff is great.